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Grow The Game Initiative

Grow The Game Initiative Program

Grow the Game Initiative

We here at SMYLC love the game of lacrosse, and we want to share that love with everyone in our community. We are committed to breaking down barriers to participation in this great game.  Our Grow the Game initiative hopes to make the game of lacrosse more accessible to those who haven’t had the opportunity.  Whether you are a lifelong lacrosse player looking to give back to the community, or a young athlete looking for a great sport to be a part of, we want you to help us Grow the Game! 

Grow the Game Programs: 

We are pleased to offer new opportunities and programs to increase access to the game of lacrosse:.

  • Scholarships to cover registration costs for those in need of financial assistance.  Participating in youth athletics can be expensive, so we hope to take that burden of our families going through financial hardship.  We are now accepting applications for our Grow the Game Scholarship Program, so that our families don’t need to choose between joining the lacrosse team and basic needs. Click here for the application. 

  • Mentorship for our players on the field, in school, and around the community.  Lacrosse is a team sport, and we hope to extend that sense of community on and off the field.  Our mentorship program connects lacrosse community members of all ages for support in the sport, with their school work, and in the community.  

  • Equipment through donations, loaner equipment, and club discounts.  Lacrosse equipment can add up, but thanks to the generosity of the lacrosse community and partnerships with sponsors, we can work with families to acquire the equipment needed to play.  Scroll down to learn more about how to donate equipment to SMYLC. 


Why lacrosse? 


We’ve been playing lacrosse through SMYLC since the 1990’s, but lacrosse has been a part of North American history for centuries.  Check out some of our favorite resources to learn why lacrosse is so important to those who play it.


Give and Grow! 

SMYLC is accepting donations to be used for lacrosse clinics and for new lacrosse players. Help us spread the joy of lacrosse by helping to offset the cost of equipment for new players. Please consider donating youth equipment such as: 

  • lacrosse sticks

  • lightly used helmets

  • elbow pads 

  • shoulder pads

  • Gloves

  • Cleats

If you'd like to participate and/or contribute to the Grow the Game Initiative, please contact our Director of Diversity and Inclusion- Alex David at